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Jul 23, 2012 11:30pm PDT
. brian, you've been investigating the background of jim holmes, you found something that might be significant. >> there is a jim holmes of aurora, colorado, page, on the colorado tea party side as well talking about him joining the tea party last year. now, we don't knows if f this is the same jim holmes, but it is jim holmes of aurora, colorado. >> stephen: is a damning association for the tea party mitigated only by the fact that it is completely inaccurate. (laughter) thank you for that thoughtful and hasty googling, brian. turns out, there was a different jim holmes, but what can you expect from brian ross? i googled him and apparently brian ross was recently arrested for distributing meth while working in a nebraska taco town restaurant. (laughter) the secret code is "i'd like a chimichanga-- with extra meth." (laughter) now, not to be outdone in the fine art of political finger-pointing, my colleagues at the conservative web site landed the exclusive speculation "dark knight" aurora, colorado, shooting suspect could be registered democrat. ah-ha! a regis
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Jul 17, 2012 1:30am PDT
of the story book romance of tom cruise and wife unit 55-b katie holmes. what happened? their marriage had everything, fame, glamor, a publicist. how did it go wrong. katie what are you thinking. may i remind you tom is an ot7 at least. where else are you going to find a superfit 50-year-old who loves cooking, long wuntion the beach and uses the text to create new sps and create better realities. good luck finding one of those on j-date. girlfriend, you are walking into one nasty whole track overwhelm. and pardon my saying so but the satan inhabiting you isn't getting any younger. do you really want to confront the fourth dynamic engrandma loan? you know what, katie, i wouldn't be surprised if are you just doing all of this to get back at your old flame, dawson. classic joey move. folks, that's not the only shocker rocking the entertainment verse. because two weeks ago tv journalist and torso american anderson cooper dropped a bombshell. >> cooper ended years of speculation. >> the fact is, i'm gay. always have been, always will be. >> stephen: what? anderson cooper gay? i mean come on f t
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Jul 24, 2012 11:30pm PDT
'jongsongwol - un? [ laughter ] that's catchy. so i'm calling on the newly available katie holmes to take one for the team-- break those two up and form the power couple kimkat. [ laughter ] katie, i think you'll find him more stable than your ex. [ laughter ] next up, on the cwu, as a kid, i was obsessed with america's space race with the russkies. while other kids were playing stick ball, i was trying to catapult frozen chimps into space. but america doesn't have a manned space program anymore. we have to hitch a ride with those clowns over at astrograd and their potato-fueled bottle-rockets. my one comfort is that we're going to mars in 2030. but, now i hear nasa is planning to feed their mars astronauts a vegan menu. what? did neil armstrong not say, "one small step for ham, one giant beef for mankind." he didn't? well, he should have. [ laughter ] nasa, don't do this to our heroes. god help whoever has to spend three years crammed in a tiny pod with a vegan. [ laughter ] in space no one can hear you scream, but after three years of lentils and soy cheese, they're gonna hear you doing som
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)